Need Help With Complex Facility Management And Maintenance?

Need Help With Complex Facility Management And Maintenance?

Using facility management services offers many benefits, including making it easier to meet the health and safety latest regulations. 

Green Light Engineering Limited regularly helps companies ensure their property is compliant with statutory requirements. We provide the most state-of-the-art technology to make it easier than ever to track changes in a building. 

Enhance your productivity and make the most of your premises.

Our professional facility management team can optimise your space, ensuring that all rooms are utilised effectively. Experts in facility management can help you make better business decisions, therefore saving time, money and reducing levels of downtime.

Meet the latest compliance requirements with ease.

Green Light Engineering offers a cloud-based system with live dashboards to provide instant sharing and backup of any certificate. You can therefore review, process and action urgent remedial work as soon as possible. 

Using this system, we incorporate your property’s specifications to meet all statutory requirements and industry standards.

Our services include keeping buildings maintained to the finest possible standards. We work with companies in a range of business sectors, including schools and universities; hospitality, hotels and restaurants; the public sector and healthcare. With our 24-hour emergency response services, if any equipment breaks down, you’ll get back in action immediately. 

If you need facility management and maintenance services, simply contact our friendly team for more details.