Three Phase Electricity Supplies

Three Phase Electricity Supplies

Three phase electricity supplies are mainly good for buildings that require enough power to run large buildings with appliances that need higher than normal voltage effort to run.

To identify what kind of electricity supply your property requires involves checking the fuse on the service head. A three phase supply has three 100 amp fuses, whereas a single-phase has a single 100 amp fuse.

If you are a landlord who owns a large building, or you just consume a lot of electricity, a three phase system will be beneficial and cost-effective compared to a single phase supply system.

Single phase systems are certain to have periods with zero power and this happens when the voltage crosses beyond zero. For an average electricity consumer, this won’t matter because the phase has enough stored up energy to compensate for the absence of power. Nevertheless, if your business requires an increasing amount of power supply, a three-phase supply is preferable. This provides cost effective benefit such as less money paid for power consumption.

Three-phase supply features:

  • Power flow in a three way system is constant. This supports to reduce vibrations coming from machinery, therefore producing less noise.
  • Three phase systems create a rotating magnetic field with an unchanging magnitude and course. This simplifies the design of electric motors.

Electrical loads on a three phase system need to be evenly distributed across the incoming three phases. This is to prevent the main breaker from tripping. If you begin to experience a breaker tripping after having a three phase installed, then it is advisable to spread your power needs more evenly where possible.

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