Circuit Installation & Upgrades

Circuit Installation & Upgrades

As devices become more advanced, businesses must keep up. From the moment any employee arrives at work they are using electronic devices such as:  coffee makers, desktop, laptops, printers, radios, clocks, landline telephones, and cell phones etc.  Commodities of modern society can be a challenge to longstanding electrical systems.

It is recommended to upgrade your buildings to ensure that your businesses has the capacity to support you and your employee’s electrical needs without the risk of a fire.

Circuit Installation

Upgrading your business circuit prevents interruptions in electricity and possibly unsafe overloads causing overheated wires and connections. Circuit overloads can occur at anytime due to longstanding, faulty or corroded wiring that should have been upgraded years ago. Moreover, outdated outlets will eventually fail to handle expected electrical capacities, a serious problem significantly increasing the risk of electrical fires.

Here at GreenLight, we want to keep your electricity running smoothly by providing affordable replacement of your circuit breakers, outlets and other components supporting safe, efficient transfer of electricity throughout your businesses. Call GreenLight today 0208 545 7225 for replacing unstable circuits.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Panel

  • Reduce the chance of an electrical fire.
  • Eliminate doubled-up circuits.
  • Eliminate the need to replace fuses, or the chance to install the wrong size of fuse, which is a common fire hazard.
  • Capacity to add additional circuits in the future.
  • Increase the resale value of your home.

When To Upgrade Circuit Installation

It is strongly advisable that older houses should upgrade their circuit breakers in order to keep up with the new home appliances and frequency of usage. Although there is no instruction on a specific time to undertake a circuit upgrade in your house, you should upgrade the electrical circuit when the circuit cannot give you satisfactory services. For example, the flickering of your light is a significant sign for you to start thinking of circuit upgrade because the current system may have developed a fault, or it may be out-of-date which means replacing.

Delaying Circuit Upgrade

At times you may not have the funds to undertake an entire circuit upgrade, it is strongly recommended that you consult a professional electrical company like GreenLight for the assessment of your electrical system. At GreenLight, our prices are affordable, and we may give you a discount.

Another reason to call GreenLight is for the safety of all the inhabitants. A faulty electrical circuit or panel can be dangerous and could affect your television, computer, printer, microwave and other appliances.

We know that finding a certified company that can give you exceptional services may not be easy, but at GreenLight we have high reputation for any projects we take on. Since all our engineers are trained and certified electricians with years of experience, you should not search any further. Just give us a call 0208 545 7225.