Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

At GreenLight, we offer variety of services to commercial sectors including lightning protection, specialist earthing as well as lightning protection testing and maintenance.
In the UK, there are hundreds of injuries each year as a result of lightning strikes. According to the Health and Safety Executive statistics from 2016/17, there were many deaths reported due to contact with unstable electrical discharges. However, facility managers should ensure they meet the legal requirements for lightning protection, to avoid putting employees at risk.

Lightning protection systems for buildings and other structures, along with surge protection for their contents, can be designed to divert high levels of electrical current generated by lightning strikes safely to the ground. The purpose of this is to ensure sustained purpose of equipment on site, and the safety of people inside.

GreenLight Services Include:

  • Site survey & risk assessment
  • Annual inspection
  • Design, including recommendations for surge protection
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Rope access

All projects are carried out by GreenLight with the latest cloud-based project management software and task management systems, to ensure that work progress is within the agreed schedules. Risk assessments and method statements are produced to comply with H&S regulations and all COSHH data is provided. All engineers are trained and certified at GreenLight.

Benefits Of Lightning Protection

There are three aspects of protection:

  • Protection of the structure of a building
  • Protection of people in the building and around the building
  • Protection of electrical mainly electronic equipment in a building or connected to the building’s supplies.

Contacting GreenLight

For additional information about lightning protection, please make sure you get in contact with us 0208 545 7225 or fill out the Enquiry Form. We also offer our clients free quote.