Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is basically accepting an active method to your building’s maintenance. This means rather than waiting for problems to develop, your facility is frequently checked to find complications and any issues found are identified as well as repaired before escalation.

This can take the form of a planned maintenance strategy – a strategy created by GreenLight after consultation with you and identifying areas of your business that may be of concern. Additionally, GreenLight ensures that potential problems are minimised, therefore keeping your operation running smoothly, and your staff happy.

At GreenLight, our building maintenance packages provide businesses with complete peace of mind and a cost-effective method to maintain commercial buildings. We provide our services to cater for businesses of all sizes saving them both time and money.

There are also some legal requirements that need to be addressed when occupying a commercial property:

  • Fixed wire testing
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT)
  • Emergency light testing
  • Fire extinguisher testing/servicing
  • Water treatment.

GreenLight can manage all these services for you as part of a commercial planned maintenance and preventative maintenance programme.

Deciding Whether You Need A Planned Maintenance Services?

Ensuring your business can run easily is essential to company success. However, for many this means using the services of a planned maintenance company such as GreenLight. Nevertheless, if you are uncertain whether you need a planned maintenance for your company, ask yourself if you can manage an interruption to your business. Would a leaking roof halt your operation? How would your staff feel about an unwelcome infestation? What would your customers make of unsanitary and dilapidated premises?

Asking yourself these questions are significant in maintaining a safe, clean and secure environment for employees to operate in. Safeguarding this will lead to greater productivity and a generally more profitable operation.