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Landscape & Security Lighting

Landscape & Security Lighting

Landscape and security lighting represents the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes. Its purpose is for safety, night-time, security, sports, social and event uses.

Security lighting helps decrease home vandalism. However, safety lighting protects homeowners and guests from injuries caused by trips as well as falls in places that are not well lit. However, landscape lighting is one of the most significant improvements that you can make to your home, regardless of its shape, and size.

Landscape & Security Lighting

Lighting used for security are existing for purchase from various electric or home improvement companies. They can also be installed on taller buildings. The lamp choices are commonly high-intensity discharge fixtures and may be metal halide bulbs. The metal halide bulbs produce a soft blue or white light while the HPS bulbs will emit a yellow to orange light.

Features and highlights include:

  • Security and safety: This enable you to light your way so that you know exactly where your steps will take you to avoid injury. Security and safety let intruders know that if they walk on your property that they will not be able to hide in darkness.
  • Ambience and beauty: The right lighting can totally transform the look of a landscape by highlighting its best features.
  • Motion-activated floodlights: For this lighting, you never have to worry about the need to turn on the lights when you need them. This is because the lighting will turn on by itself when you need them and make intruders think twice.
  • Added value: The right lighting will add value to your property.

When landscaping and security lighting are used together, they can increase the protection, atmosphere, and value of your home. Our experts here at GreenLight are available to help you shine the spotlight on the path to more beautiful surroundings.

Contacting GreenLight

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