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EV Service Depot, Dartford

EV Service Depot, Dartford

About EV Service Depot

With cutting-edge battery technology and electric powertrain, this company is the leader in the EV industry.  They also designed the world’s first ever premium all-electric sedan which has become the best car in its class in every category. 

GreenLight completed a installation for this famous Electric Vehicle company. GreenLight completed the installation from a large empty warehouse to a fully functional EV service depot. GreenLight installed a new body shop is being as part of a fast track fit out scheme as the popularity of EVs accelerate and they increase their service and repair facilities.


About GreenLight Services

From initial design and planning, we can deliver refurbishment projects. Our multi-skilled teams are dynamic and get involved in different parts of each project, this approach improves knowledge within the team and makes everything run smoothly.

All our projects are carried out with our bespoke project management system which includes group chat communication, order processing, and project management tools. This allows our office and site staff to be in immediate communication and process changes, orders, and general progress instantly between managers and operatives.

EV Service Depot


Unit 4 Windsor Park, London, SW19 2TJ