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Compliance Services Experienced Compliance Contractors

GreenLight offer a range of compliance and maintenance services all delivered by our experienced team. Our professional teams carry out complex compliance services to ensure your property is compliant with all statutory regulations.

We use a cloud-based system with our live dashboards to provide instant sharing and backup of any certificate. This allows our team to process information instantly to the desktop manager to review and process the certification with maximum efficiency, also allowing our clients to review, process and action any urgent remedial work without delay.

Our Services

Gas Heating, Catering Gas, and Plant Rooms

GreenLight is a Gas Safe registered company with commercially qualified commercial Gas Safe Engineers.  As well as an OFTEC registered company with OFTEC qualified engineers

High Level Gas Heaters

Gas Safe Engineers are required to be PASMA trained and IPAF Harness qualified. Use of scaffolding equipment or powered access equipment to service and certify the gas heaters.

Boiler Servicing Annual (SR)

This will include a clean of the heat exchangers with new seals (where practicable), a clean of the appliance, recommissioning of burners according to manufacturer’s requirements.

Annual Inhibitor Checks (HPM)

Annually the supplier is required to check the closed system inhibitor levels, this will help protect key components within the circuit such as heat exchangers, valves, and pipe work which can help prolong lifespans of heating systems. Remedial work to add inhibitor(s) will be an additional quotable item outside the scope of the contract.

Gas/Oil Annual Certification (SR)

This comprises of an in-depth inspection by a Gas Safe/OFTEC engineer into the key mechanical components, safety components, C02 flue readings and quality of installation. Certificates will follow.

Annual Auxiliary Equipment Inspections (HPM)

This inspection tests all of the continuity and interfacing of the auxiliary equipment powered by the control panel such as pumps, actuators, time clocks thermostats and solenoid valves. The supplier will also test operation of isolation valves, check and vent pumps and the switchover, inspection of pressure systems such as PRVs and AAV’s, resetting and calibrating of system pressure on the pressurisation unit.

Kitchen Catering Gas Safety Certification and Pressure Testing

The key component to this check is to ensure the burners are operating efficiently and are producing the correct levels of post combustion gases and that these gases are being correctly and safely exhausted from the kitchen area. Complete Commercial Catering Safety certificate.

Gas Pressure Annual Testing

This test is essentially a ‘drop pressure test’ from the nearest point of the gas meter (where practicable) to the fixed appliance, this tests the supply line pressure and checks for leaks, the readings will be noted on the gas safety certificate.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

GreenLight is an F-Gas registered company with F-Gas qualified engineers. 

F-Gas Leak Detection Testing

To be undertaken at a minimum annually. All plants will be leak tested by using specialist leak detection equipment to endure that harmful Fluorinated Gases are not exposed to the environment. This will be followed up with an F-Gas certificate stipulating makes, models, serial numbers, and the amount of gas in the appliance.


To be undertaken at a minimum annually. Filters will be cleared, FCUS will be wiped down, FCU coils will be cleaned and combed, condensate pump lines will be cleared with pressurised air, condensers will be cleaned, and coils cleaned.

TM44 Energy Assessment for Buildings

This includes systems consisting of individual units that are less than 12kW but whose combined effective rated output is more than 12kW. Under the TM44 Regulations, obligated persons are required to ensure that inspections of their units are carried out in an independent manner by an energy assessor to avoid any conflict of interest. The inspection includes an assessment of the system’s efficiency and a review of sizing and advice on efficiency, improvements, and replacement or alternative solutions.

Electrical Systems Maintenance

 GreenLight are highly qualified electricians with many accreditations in accordance with NICEIC.

Periodic Electrical Testing

A more in-depth safety report undertaken every 5 years by a NICEIC contractor which evaluates the quality of the installations from the point of the Distribution boards, incoming mains electrics, plug sockets etc. Ampage, voltage and other key elements are tested to ensure the systems are performing as they should be according to their specification.

Annual PAT Testing

To be undertaken at a minimum annually. Filters will be cleared, FCUS will be wiped down, FCU coils will be cleaned and combed, condensate pump lines will be cleared with pressurised air, condensers will be cleaned, and coils cleaned.

Door Entry Systems Annual Inspection

Annual electrical test and safety inspection

Electronic Gates Maintenance Annual Inspection

Annual electrical test and safety inspection

Water Hygiene and Legionella Control

All work completed in accordance with COSHH regulations, complete with manometer air flow test and certification. 

Annual Inspection of Cold-Water Tanks

An annual tank inspection certificate, analysing a series of different factors including temperatures, waterside conditions, mechanical installation, cross-referencing The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Water Sampling

Hot systems, tanks, and showers. Samples taken from taps with pre-sterilised sealed bottles labelled, sealed and sent to labs within a period of 48 hours. Sampling for Legionella bacteria in water systems in line with Code of practice.

Annual Training of Site Responsible Person

To ensure high standards on site to collaborate with the water hygiene contractor, there will be an allocation of legionella awareness training to the responsible person/parties to ensure that they have the base understanding of legionella and understand how to temperature test monthly, descale shower heads and flush rarely used/risk outlets.

Annual Hot Water Systems

Blow down and thermally disinfect water heaters. This applies to water heaters above 50 litres with thermostatic control, water heaters will be subjected to a thermal pasteurisation for a period of 1 hour and then isolated and drained via the base drain cock (if it has one) to clear sediment deposits. Followed up with a certificate of thermal disinfection to go into the site water hygiene log book.

Energy Assessing

 GreenLight are highly qualified electricians with many accreditations in accordance with NICEIC.

Annual Tree Safety Audit

An annual visual risk assessment of the trees for conditions such as rot, disease and likelihood of falling and causing damage to buildings / general population. Complete with report, site map and photographic evidence.

Tree Surveying

The tree surveying contractor should be suitable competent and Qualified with LANTRA level III or above.

Annual Display Energy Certificate

Provision of an Annual DEC.

Fire Control

All work completed by suitable industry qualified such as BAFE, a member of the FIA etc. and demonstrably competent.

Annual Emergency Lighting Depletion Test and Certification

An annual run-down test in accordance with BS5266 Part 1. Complete with certificate.

Annual Fire Extinguishers Servicing

Fire extinguishers are services and inspected according to the correct guidance. Defective consumable items are picked up for remedial quotes outside the scope of the contract.

Six Monthly Fire Alarm Testing

Maintenance and inspections of the fire alarms systems six monthly in accordance with BS5839 Part 1. Complete with certificate.

Fire Risk Annual Assessment