Automatic Opening Vents

Automatic Opening Vents

Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) are electrically operated smoke vent roof lights which open to decrease smoke and heat build-up during a fire. Automatic opening vents assist in reducing the build-up of smoke and heat in corridors as well as staircase ensuring they remain accessible.

GreenLight are the ideal installer for AOV systems. We cover new buildings throughout the UK. Every building resident’s safety depend on regular maintenance’s of the automatic opening ventilation (A.O.V.) system. It is recommended to serviced and maintained your automatic opening vents at least once a year. This should be serviced by a specialised engineer on a regular basis.

There are two types of smoke ventilation systems:

Smoke Clearance Systems:

These are installed in the corridors and staircase of hotels, blocks of flats and underground car parks. Their purpose is to ventilate the affected spaces which may become completely smoke logged following a fire. Smoke clearance systems are intended to clear the smoke to allow access. They are not precisely intended to offer protection to occupants escaping the building.

Life Safety Smoke Ventilation Systems:

These are intended to provide a level of protection to people escaping the building. They are fitted in shopping centres or malls, retails, private warehouses, public and industrial buildings. Life safety smoke ventilation systems are designed so that the expected quantity of smoke is vented from the area leaving a layer of clean air below. However, people can pass and exit the building safely. Smoke ventilation systems do not generally have any influence on the size of a fire in the building and they are therefore often used in conjunction with water sprinkler systems which can often contain the fire to a predetermined size.

In the case of a fire within a building, many people losses their life through smoke poisoning. Smoke ventilation devices allow for the life-threatening smoke to be released into the open or to dilute its concentration. The damage of the fire is therefore reduced before smoke spreads throughout a building and escape routes like halls and staircases become blocked.

Automatic opening devices can be installed to windows, roof-lights or doors. These devices will be linked to a central control panel, complete with a battery backup system in case of mains failure. This control panel can then be triggered from either manual override switches local to the ventilator and the ground floor.

Need To Know More?

We provide regular maintenance’s and testing of all smoke ventilation systems. If you are seeking advice about your automatic opening vents, give us a call 0208 545 7225 and we will be happy to talk you through our services. Alternatively, fill out the Enquiry Form.