Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems play an important role in the modern workplace by maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round.

Our team at GreenLight have many years of experiences in the commercial air conditioning sector with numerous systems installed in various places including offices etc.

When it comes to commercial settings, we can provide the extensive choice of options.

Experienced Air Conditioning Installation contractors will need to specify and size your AC systems. Commercial air conditioning indoor units can look the same as those used for residential premises. However, the performance is very different, based on increased static air pressure and internal coil sizes. The bigger internal fans and coils are required for commercial settings with high ceilings and greater numbers of occupants and machinery in a room. We recommend not to use cheap small bedroom designed units in retail and office environments. The cheaper price of the residential units will show in performance, with the limited pipe run lengths and ability to perform in low and high ambient temperature. On the hottest months of the year when you need optimum performance, small bedroom Residential Air Conditioning units, will not handle the room heat loads of commercial settings.

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

Commercial Air Conditioning, like most AC systems, boasts the option of being able to cool or heat. Furthermore, we can offer air conditioning that goes beyond that and can heat as well as cool in different rooms at the same time by a single outdoor system. It is not unusual to see AC systems running on both cooling and heating modes in the same working environment due to this. In residential air conditioning environments, having bedrooms at night that can heat and cool at the same time has become the preferred choice with new AC installations.

Commercial VRV / VRF Air Conditioning

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volumes) or VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) is typically the solution for large commercial settings. These large commercial systems are perfect heating and cooling solutions in large occupancy settings.

To provide constant stable temperatures in commercial settings, it is important to have control of the temperature. This is due to the demand scale during peak operational hours and closing time. During operational hours the system may need to run at 130%, whereas at closing hours it may need to perform at 20%. The ability to be able to have such a huge range in capacity allows performance and efficiency to work hand in hand. It is no wonder VRV  / VRF systems have become the preferred choice of commercial air conditioning installation solutions globally.

Commercial Applications For Residential Air Conditioning

When it comes to larger property, VRV and VRF Air Conditioning systems are used. They provide better energy efficiency with a larger capacity on long pipe runs. This would be the case when the condensers may be tucked away on the roof or basement. When a number of these condensers are used in commercial air conditioning installations, they need additional acoustic housing. They perform within most residential noise limitations, but at night will need additional acoustic dampening.

Why Choose GreenLight For Your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation?

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